Designing for disabled and elderly people is all about adapting the environment of the disabled or elderly person's home, be it a house or flat, to suit their particular needs to allow them to live there longer and more comfortably than they might be enjoying now. We cannot assess their needs as this is clinical work for a qualified Occupational Therapist but once his or her needs have been assessed, be the person an adult or child, we can create a design to put those requirements into a workable scheme for the adaptation or extension of the home.

Your first call should be to the Social Services dept of your local council who will probably assign an Occupational Therapist to assess your needs and who will be able to advise you about the Disability Facilities Grant (DFG) which, after financial assessment, you may be entitled to. More information can be found about that by clicking here:

If your needs require major alterations or an extension to your home or if you are not entitled to a DFG, then that is where we can help. If you want to appoint your own Occupational Therapist we can also recommend some for either disabled/elderly or for a child. 

We commonly get involved in the more major schemes as minor works can often be undertaken directly by a local builder and within our local area we can put you in touch with some trusted builders with many years experience of working in the homes of the elderly and disabled people.

We have several years experience within the Adult Care Team of a local social services department designing adaptations etc in close co-operation with the Occupational Therapists as well as for directly for home owner clients. We have designed for properties ranging from small flats to large detached houses.

We have extensive experience of designing:

  • adaptations and extensions to create level access shower room facilities including altering existing bathroom facilities or creating new ones.
  • accessible environments including the provision of through floor lifts and stairlifts.
  • kitchen refitting design for wheelchair users.
  • increasing door widths for easier access within the home.
  • ramps to allow easier access to the home or garden for wheelchair or scooter users.
  • vehicle hardstandings.

If you think we may be able to help you or a relative or friend please feel free to call us for a friendly chat. Its not often we can't find a design to suit the property/the person's clinical requirements and if we can help we will.