Your home provides you with the space to live and work in an environment of your choosing. There are times however when additional space is required to fulfil your needs. Commonly, unless you move house, this can be achieved by extending your home usually either by creating a rear and/or side extension or utilising the space in the roof void (a loft conversion). Park & Co. have experience in designing them all.

The design of your home or an extension to it is a fundamental element to its successful creation which is why we are prepared to give you the necessary time to discuss your proposals. There is no right or wrong with such design work but the right design is only what suits you and the way you want yo live in your home. We will provide you with options for you to consider, where possible, which may enhance your proposals or give you ideas to consider which you may prefer or not have considered yourself. After all, it is easier to change a line on a drawing than move a wall during or after construction. Set out below is a summary of the service that we provide after receiving your instructions:  

1. Initial inspection, measured survey and discussion to ascertain your requirements.

2. Preparation of plans of the site and floor plans and elevations as existing, as I consider necessary for the applications.

3. Preparation of sketch plans (including options where possible) based on initial discussions.

4. Liaising with the planning department (as I consider necessary) and yourselves and provision of sketch plans.

5. Upon your choice of a proposed scheme, application for Planning Permission and preparation of detailed drawings and brief specification, as I consider necessary, for consideration under the Building Regulations.

6. Submission of drawings and specification to Local Authority for Planning Application and consideration under the Building Regulations. Please note that the drawings and specification do not contain details of any services other than wastepipes and drainage, and nor are details of joinery (e.g. door type, ironmongery, skirtings etc.) or any other aspect, not required to be shown for consideration under the Building Regulations, shown or described on the documents I shall prepare.

7. Amendment of drawings and specification where necessary if required to comply with Local Authority Building Regulation requirements.

8. Preliminary advice about the necessity to serve notices to your neighbours under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 (see the 'party wall' page on this site for further information). 

Our fees are agreed with you in advance and are usually to be paid in three parts. Fees include printing and other expenses, but do not include the Local Authority Application and Water Authority fees as necessary. Cheques made payable directly to the Local Authorities will be required from you at the appropriate times. 

Simple structural calculation and reviews are within our capability but if your proposals require more complex structural calculations a Structural Engineer will be recommended if we consider it necessary. The Structural Engineer's cost will be in addition to our own fee.

We liaise with the Local Authority as we consider necessary to ensure that the submitted scheme has the best chance of being approved and we will discuss with you any proposal that might be at risk of rejection. We cannot obviously guarantee that Planning Permission will be granted.